Invest in a better future

Villapark Berg en Dal offers you a unique opportunity to build a new holiday home at a beautiful location. Nowhere else can you recreate so freely, buy a home for your own use which is in walking distance of many amenities, sights and attractions!

Invest without limits

Why invest in a holiday home?

You can choose to buy the holiday home as an investment and have it rented out by Villapark Berg en Dal. We take everything out of your hands and you will receive a monthly overview and payment of the rental income. Would you like to acquire more information about the holiday home market? NVM published an independent report regarding this in 2019.

Fixed annual return

Are you renting out your holiday home at Villa Park Berg en Dal? We aim for a return of 5% on an annual basis. Your rental income is seasonal as well.

Tax attractive

Investing is more attractive than saving. Ask your financial advisor on your possibilities regarding this topic

Your own holiday home

Your own place to go on vacation 365 days a year. You can choose not to rent out your home and furnish it for personal use. Berg en Dal provides you with great luxury!

Reclaim VAT (Tax)

If you make the house available for rent, it is often possible to reclaim the VAT (Tax) on your purchase in full or in parts.

For own use or rental object

You can choose to have your holiday home rented out by Villapark Berg en Dal or to use your holiday home under your own management. Are you curious about the park regulations or possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Let your holiday home be rent out and manage this process without any worries

Villapark Berg en Dal is located between the hills of the Rijk van Nijmegen and in a 5-minute walking distance from the center of the (wine) village of Groesbeek.

Your guests will be warmly welcomed by a host or hostess. Villapark Berg en Dal has extensive wellness facilities. In our large sports center (2000 m2), guests can use the indoor swimming pool, the various saunas, the Turkish steam bath, the spacious and modern fitness room and they can make use of various group lessons. The hotel has a bar with breakfast and lunch facilities.

For emergencies, the reception is available 24/7. Any technical defects will be resolved within a short matter of time.

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Average occupancy
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Expected return

An expected return of 4% to 6%

If you choose to let Villapark Berg en Dal rent out your holiday home, you can use the expertise of our well instructed employees. Our rented holiday homes have an average occupancy rate of 85% throughout the year. Renting out through Villapark Berg en Dal can give you a carefree expected return of up to 6% on your investment.

There are also opportunities for customers who cannot afford their investment in a holiday home or apartment entirely from their own resources! An additional advantage is the benefit of financing due to the very low interest rates, which leads to a so-called leverage effect. As a result, the return on equity can rise up to 8.5%. This is regardless of the fact that you can of course also tangibly enjoy your personal investment.

Would you like to receive more information?

Get in contact with us for more information or plan a meeting for viewing one of the houses.

Villapark Berg en Dal